Conference venue

The XIX Meeting of the Economics of Education Association will be held at the Campus Plaza Paraiso of the University of Zaragoza. This is placed in the center of Zaragoza (Plaza Paraiso, Paraiso Square) and is composed by three buildings:

  • Paraninfo de la Universidad de Zaragoza (Main Hall of the University of Zaragoza). Main entrance at Plaza Paraiso. MapaStreet ViewParaninfo Website (in Spanish).
  • Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales (Faculty of Economics and Business Studies). There are two entrances to this building: Gran Vía 2 or Doctor Cerrada 3. MapaStreet View. Faculty website (in Spanish).
    • Aulas zona magna – Lecture rooms in magna area (Parallel sessions)
    • Salón de actos – Lecture hall (Closing Ceremony)
  • Biblioteca de la Facultad (Library)

Internet and computer facilities (coming soon)